Immediate signalling of production problems

Multidimensional use of the ANDON system

Andon is not only an excellent call system but also comprehensive production control using accurate reporting.

The Andon system for tablets may be used in companies operating in a variety of industries. It allows you to solve problems quickly, organise information, increase productivity, measure the working time of employees, and display workstation instructions.

System Andon for tablets

Possibility of using the system on tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches

This complete system mobility is a convenient and reliable solution. Notifications are sent via text messages, e-mails, and application.

Calling for appropriate services using mobile devices

Andon allows you to call appropriate services anywhere in the plant quickly and directly.

Monitoring response time to reported problems

The software measures response times to notifications; if there is no response, the software may notify another responsible person.

Collecting and storing information in a cloud

Production data are securely collected and stored. You can generate advanced reports using these data at any time.

Discipline of appropriate services

Notifications are immediately and directly sent to those who are responsible for a given task.

Increased productivity

Downtime optimisation allows for tangible improvements to productivity.

We effectively back up production in a variety of industries

We guarantee to develop a control system tailored to the needs and specific conditions of a given company.

Universal solutions for many production, maintenance, and logistics processes

Andon streamlines production irrespective of the industry

The system is used to control production in a variety of industries.

We have already implemented the Andon system in multiple companies, and for them we have developed unique software. We always adapt the system to the internal processes of the company and look for an optimum solution.

For every manufacturing company

The Andon system for tablets is an ideal choice for both large manufacturing companies and single production locations.


Supervision of warehouse operations has never been so easy. The Andon system for tablets provides rapid information flow between loading/packaging, supervision, and technical assistance locations.

Large-format shops

Another asset of the Andon system includes control over a large number of workstations. The software allows you to react to problems at individual workstations quickly.

Logistics and distribution centres

The implementation of the Andon system improves calling services in large distribution centres and, thus, reduces response times.

mobile andon system for tablets for forklifts