Efficient communication between production, supervision and assistance services

Mobile call system

We have designed a modern, convenient, and – most of all – effective ANDON call system entirely based on the GSM network.

Fast notifications and immediate responses are key components of the production and operation process that allow for time and money savings. The ANDON call system for tablets is a flexible and effective solution to streamline communication between production locations, and Maintenance, Quality Control, OHS services or a warehouse. It provides an instant way to solve production problems.

  • 1

    Failure in production location

  • 2

    Calling for services using the tablet

  • 3

    Arrival of services to the location

    (response time meter)
  • 4

    Solving the problem

  • 5

    Resuming production

  • 6


    (daily, weekly, monthly, or at another interval)
Mobile system Andon for tablets

Quick notifications directly at the workstation

Failure? Production problem? The action is based on efficient and direct communication between individual employees. The Andon system for tablets is a flexible solution ensuring that there is a quick response to reported problems and appropriate persons are notified.

  • The Andon system for tablets is located directly where work is performed – in the forklift, at the production line, at the assembly line, or on the machine.
  • The special IP68 casing and holders allow for a secure and stable installation of the tablet at the workstation.
  • Notifications are sent via text messages, e-mails, application, or are displayed on the screen hung in the production hall – depending on the configuration chosen by the customer.
  • The system will be perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the customer and the requirements of a given process – the tablet features configured appropriate designations of called services and a list of specific events that accurately correspond to the demand in the production location – a lack of the component needed for production, causes of machine failures, or the need for a forklift to arrive to pick up production.
  • The Andon system for tablets helps to evaluate events and reasons for productivity loss, to control process quality and employees’ work. It generates daily and periodic reports such as OEE, MTBF, MTTR, or MTTF.

Use the ANDON system for tablets and reduce production downtime

We ensure immediate improvements to communication and problem response.

The ANDON system for tablets means more efficient communication between production and other departments as well as the analysis of downtime causes

No restrictions on the network using WiFi

Keeping a record of disturbance and stoppage times on production lines

Permanent remote access

Quick technical support and full service assistance

Variety of available languages

Text message, phone, e-mail, application notifications

Secure data archiving

Advanced reporting with graphs