Case Study - ABB

Cost reduction, improvement of organization, insight into processes.

Partnership with SIGNALO involving the implementation of the Forkfleet system.

  • Increase in productivity
  • Optimizing the use of resources
  • Cost reduction


The challenge, in this case, was the effective management of the forklift fleet and operators in the factory. In the existing situation, there were many forklifts and operators, which caused certain difficulties related to suboptimal use of resources and insufficiently effective work organization.


This system has brought several benefits that significantly impacted the efficiency and profitability of the factory’s operations.

Here are the main benefits of implementation:


  1. Reduction in the need for forklift operators

Before implementing the forklift management system, the ABB factory had to employ a significant number of forklift operators. Thanks to the new system, it became possible to automate many processes, significantly reducing the need for forklift operators. As a result, the company could save significant costs associated with employee salaries and benefits.


  1. Reduction in the need for forklifts

Through process optimization and automation of operations using the forklift management system, the company was able to significantly reduce the number of required forklifts. This, in turn, translates into a reduction in the costs of purchasing, maintaining, and servicing these vehicles. Fewer forklifts also mean a safer and more organized working environment.


  1. Shortening order processing times

The new system allows for precise monitoring and tracking of the movement of materials and products within the factory. This enables the optimization of routes and movement times, resulting in shorter order processing times. Shorter processing times mean faster order fulfillment, which contributes to increased customer satisfaction and the company’s competitiveness.


  1. Control over intralogistics orders

The forklift management system enables more complex and precise planning of routes and internal operations within the factory. This allows the company to have better control over intralogistics processes, preventing delays and errors in the delivery of raw materials and components.


  1. Data-driven decision-making

The forklift management system collects important data about operations within the factory. With advanced analytical tools, the company can now make more informed decisions. Data analysis helps identify areas that require optimization and prevent of wasting, which is according for the company’s long-term strategy.


  • Distribution of orders
  • Service calls
  • Performing tasks
  • Process analysis
  • Performance
  • Situational orientation
  • Resource utilization

The introduction of the forklift management system at the ABB factory in Bielsko-Biała has brought significant benefits, both in terms of operational efficiency and economics. The reduction in the need for forklift operators and forklifts, shorter order processing times, better control over intralogistics, and the ability to make data-driven decisions have significantly improved the company’s competitiveness and profitability. This is an example of how our technology and solutions can innovate processes and deliver tangible benefits. Such implementation we have already a lot. We can reduce cost at your place also. Don’t wait and use your chance to optimization by contact with us.


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