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Workplace instructions | Health and Safety instructions



Increase your productivity by using a workstation and health & safety instruction system on tablets! The latest technology to enhance your efficiency, improve safety, and reduce costs.

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Workplace instructions | Health and Safety instructions



Discover the features of our solution, which delivers essential knowledge to your employees in an easy and intuitive way.

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Workplace instructions | Health and Safety instructions



Take advantage of the improvements

Workplace instructions | Health and Safety instructions



Discover the features of our solution that deliver essential knowledge to your employees in an easy and intuitive way.

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Workplace instructions | Health and Safety instructions


Safety and Compliance

The software helps ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations by displaying and monitoring individual workplace safety instructions at specific positions.


The system is an excellent tool for conducting trainings, allowing the display of instructions and training materials on employees' tablets. It also allows tracking of training progress and completions.

Efficiency and precision

By providing individual instructions and guidelines on tablets, the software helps to increase efficiency and accuracy in performing specific job tasks.

Process improvement

Data analysis generated by software can provide information about the efficiency of processes at individual positions, enabling identification of areas for improvement and optimization.

Risk management

Software can help in identifying, assessing, and managing the risk associated with job positions by providing personalized instructions on safety and procedures.

Coherence and standardization

The system ensures consistency and standardization of instructions across all positions. It allows for defining uniform procedures, guidelines, and practices for a specific type of position, which minimizes the risk of errors and ensures consistency of actions.

Tracking and reporting

The software can generate reports and track the performance of instructions on individual workstations, allowing for progress monitoring, identification of problems, and taking appropriate corrective actions.


The software allows for quick updating of instructions and materials on all workstations, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information for employees.


Using a system for displaying job instructions on tablets eliminates the need for printing and distributing paper copies, which contributes to reducing paper consumption and its impact on the environment.

Documenting actions

The system effectively serves for documenting actions taken at individual positions, which facilitates reporting, analysis, and audits.

Improving communication

The system enables easy and quick exchange of information between employees in different positions. Updates, tips, and feedback can be transmitted, improving communication within and between teams.

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Workplace instructions | Health and Safety instructions


Industrial production

The system is perfect for use in manufacturing plants, for displaying assembly instructions, machine operation, safety procedures, and maintenance at individual production stations.

Logistics and warehousing

The system helps by enabling the display of instructions regarding warehouse processes, picking procedures, handling of warehouse equipment, and safe storage at specific logistic positions.

Food industry

In the food industry, the system can support displaying hygiene instructions, packaging procedures, food processing, and cleanliness maintenance for specific positions.

Energy industry

In the energy sector, the system allows for displaying instructions on operating power installations, safety procedures, equipment maintenance, and performance monitoring at energy stations.


In the healthcare sector, the system is used to display medical instructions, patient care procedures, medical equipment operation, and safety protocols at individual healthcare stations.

Aviation industry

In the aviation industry, the system is used to display aircraft operating instructions, repair procedures, system configurations, and safety at individual aviation stations.

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Workplace instructions | Health and Safety instructions




The system enables rapid updating of job instructions in case of modifications to processes, procedures, or safety requirements. Instructions can be flexibly adjusted to changing working conditions.

Improvement of skills

Software can serve as a tool for improving employees' skills by providing interactive instructional materials, simulations, and online trainings.


Thanks to the system, employees can have access to instructions and training materials on tablets, allowing for their mobile utilization in various workstations. This provides greater flexibility and availability of information.

Increase in engagement

Delivering personalized instructions and information on tablets increases employee engagement by providing access to relevant information in a convenient and interactive manner.

Simple administration

Using workstation instruction management software facilitates administrative processes, such as archiving, storing, and searching for instructions. It enables easy management of the instruction database and access to them.


The use of a system for displaying individual workstation instructions on tablets contributes to the implementation of modern technological solutions in the workplace, which can contribute to perceiving the company as innovative and modern.

Quick backup

The software enables archiving of work instructions and easy data recovery in case of loss or failure, ensuring information security and continuity.


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Our services (support) are included in a subscription, which does not generate hidden costs. The subscription-based billing allows for a significant reduction in the entry threshold into the system and enables immediate testing.

We are communicationally independent – we can develop our system without depending on the client’s IT department. We do not generate additional work for the client’s IT department. This way, we lower the implementation risk and associated costs. The possibility of quicker implementation of the solution results in faster return on investment.

Login to our applications is secured at a high level, characteristic of banking solutions. At the same time, the login process is intuitive. Your data is as secure as in a bank thanks to our system.

We offer multilingualism in our solutions through real-time translation—each employee operates applications in their native language. This enhances efficiency and reduces costs by expanding the potential labor market and eliminating the need to hire translators.

Our software features an interface optimized for quick, easy, and intuitive use, even by digitally excluded or poorly skilled employees. This means real-time savings in both time and training costs for your workforce in using the new software. The ability for rapid deployment of software for use results in a shorter transition/implementation period.

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