It streamlines communication between production and supervision and assistance services


  • Failure

    always under control

    If there is a failure, the system or a person notifies appropriate services of it.


    fast and direct

    The system offers up to 3 types of notifications (text message, e-mail, application). Notifications are sent directly to the responsible people.



    Thanks to the mobile Andon system, problem response time is faster. If there is no response, the system may send a notification to another person.


    even several dozen of per cent of time and money savings

    If the Andon system is implemented, it streamlines communication between production locations, supervision and assistance services and makes it possible to reduce the number of production stoppages.

mobile Andon system

Mobile Andon system for your company

We guarantee to develop a control system tailored to the needs and specific conditions of a given company.

Individual solutions for factories, warehouses and plants

Andon for mobile devices with custom software

We provide custom software with an IP68 tablet. The system is always tailored to the specific conditions and needs of the company. We guarantee tailored solutions for various businesses.

By implementing the Andon system by Signalo, you can save up to 40,000 monthly.

  • 10

    Average daily number of machine calls

  • 10

    Average time savings (minutes) to answer one call following the Andon system implementation

  • 40000 PLN

    Estimated monthly profit from system implementation

* Considering that the production process involves 6 machines, while the average machine downtime cost is PLN 200 per hour.

Fast and efficient response to every problem

Modern call system

The Andon system minimises delays between the production location and the call for appropriate services. It allows you to set statuses that correspond to downtime and demands for a given component.

  • 1

    Missing pallet at a given workstation

  • 2

    Notifying services of a missing pallet using the right button

  • 3

    Displaying the status of a missing pallet at a given workstation on the forklift tablet

  • 4

    Taking on and performing the task

Full control of the production process

Production control

The Andon system collects detailed information on production and generates comprehensive reports with graphs. If properly collected and displayed, such data will be crucial in optimising production processes in your company.

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We will streamline production processes in many businesses


Factories, production plants, warehouses, and grocery stores – these are the places where the Andon system fits perfectly well and allows you to solve problems quickly, organise information, and increase productivity.

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We optimise the production process effectively. We improve communication between production locations and supervision and assistance services.

Mobile solution

The Andon system for mobile devices makes it easy to circulate information – to report production problems and to react to them.

Variety of available languages

Foreigners in your company? Not a problem. We deliver the system in the language you need.

High-quality mobile devices

Apart from the system, we also provide high-quality and dust- and splash-resistant Samsung tablets.

Advanced reporting of accurate data

The system collects and reports detailed production process data and offers a complete quality control. It displays workstation instructions and measures the working time of employees.

Calling forklifts

The Andon system for tablets allows you to provide accurate information on the event, e.g. machine failures, no oil, or problems with rollers to ensure fast response time.

Immediate call system

The Andon mobile system ensures efficient communication between the workstation and services using texts, e-mails, application, or screen messages.