Cost optimization of
production and warehouses


Optimizing production and warehouse costs


We develop software and automation systems used in various sectors of the economy.


We provide information systems for manufacturing companies. Our solutions are also used by logistics centers and warehouses.


Powerful savings, amounting to tens of thousands of euros per month. We have efficient intralogistics tools and systems that make us a leader in the Industry 4.0 market.


Discover the benefits of collaboration

Allows for a precise determination of your needs, allowing you to enjoy a solution that is perfectly tailored to the specifics of your company.

It does not require a large investment to start, and you can terminate the contract at any time. That is why we carefully analyze the needs. We have certainty then that the system will achieve the goal.

Our systems operate independently from those already existing in the company. Therefore, their implementation and maintenance do not require the involvement of internal IT departments.

Subscription-based billing allows us to be constantly close to customers and respond quickly to any inquiries. This ensures that you can have the confidence that we will promptly address your feedback and provide support.

Using our programs is possible in any language version. It doesn’t matter where your employees come from. Thanks to the support in their language, operations and tasks will be fully understandable for them, giving you a guarantee of effective communication.

Our team remains unchanged. We have competent, highly qualified engineers on board who have been involved in the creation and development of our projects. They possess knowledge that allows you to rely on consistent, high quality in every aspect of our collaboration at any time. If needed, we are also ready to take on your new challenges, coding additional features that facilitate work in your company upon request.


We have completed many implementations in the largest industrial plants worldwide. (See Case Studies: ABB, DAYCO, TENNECO). Our effective work, positive customer reviews, and extensive experience guarantee that working with us will help you achieve your goals in cost reduction, process improvement, workflow organization, better utilization of existing resources, and ultimately, improved financial results. Don't wait for your competition to surpass you, contact us. A free consultation is not binding and will help clarify the solutions that can effectively enhance your company. Schedule a free consultation. We will call you to present a plan on how we can build your success together!

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Why is it worth partnering with us?


Check out our case studies and learn how effectively our company has helped other businesses streamline their processes. Discover the implementation stories and their effects in companies such as ABB, DAYCO , TENNECO. Get inspired by success stories and utilize solutions that industry leaders are using.


We have extensive experience in optimizing processes in manufacturing companies in various sectors: automotive, pharmaceuticals, food industry, etc. We are able to help any manufacturing company, regardless of the industry and location, in improving efficiency, reducing costs, and optimizing resource consumption. This is evidenced by our rich portfolio of clients from around the world.

FULL SUPPORT during cooperation

We strive to make our solutions fully intuitive. Easy operation guarantees comfort in using the systems. However, if needed, we provide appropriate training for employees. During our cooperation, you can count on regular communication and availability to solve any problems that may arise. Our dedicated team is at your disposal. Upon request, we can also code new functionalities or add additional modules.


Each of the solutions provided by us has a wide range of configurations, making it closely tailored to the Client's specific needs. Upon request, we can also make changes to existing software, encode additional functionalities, or integrate the solution with another one.


We propose competitive prices in exchange for the services provided. The most important thing for us is for the costs to be justified and proportional to the benefits that will be achieved through implementation. We prioritize ensuring that the client obtains quick results in the form of cost reduction, with the difference between the investment in service subscription and the amount of savings being as large as possible.


Very rarely, but we sometimes advise against implementing our solutions after a free audit, if we believe they will not bring the expected benefits. As a result, you can be sure that you will avoid implementing ineffective solutions that could negatively impact other processes and operations of your company. This selectiveness in implementing solutions helps us maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.