Cost optimization of
production and warehouses



Optimizing production and warehouse costs


We develop software and automation systems used in various sectors of the economy.

For whom?

We provide information systems for manufacturing companies. Our solutions are also used by logistics centers and warehouses.


Powerful savings, amounting to tens of thousands of euros per month. We have efficient intralogistics tools and systems that make us a leader in the Industry 4.0 market.


Discover the benefits of collaboration


We offer a free consultation as the first step of collaboration, allowing you to familiarize yourself with our approach and verify our advisory competencies. This way, even before making a decision, you’ll feel that your situation and problem have been well understood, and the proposed solution will be optimally tailored to your company’s situation.

Our services (support) are included in a subscription, which does not generate hidden costs. The subscription-based billing allows for a significant reduction in the entry threshold into the system and enables immediate testing.

We are communicationally independent – we can develop our system without depending on the client’s IT department. We do not generate additional work for the client’s IT department. This way, we lower the implementation risk and associated costs. The possibility of quicker implementation of the solution results in faster return on investment.

Login to our applications is secured at a high level, characteristic of banking solutions. At the same time, the login process is intuitive. Your data is as secure as in a bank thanks to our system.

We offer multilingualism in our solutions through real-time translation—each employee operates applications in their native language. This enhances efficiency and reduces costs by expanding the potential labor market and eliminating the need to hire translators.

Our software features an interface optimized for quick, easy, and intuitive use, even by digitally excluded or poorly skilled employees. This means real-time savings in both time and training costs for your workforce in using the new software. The ability for rapid deployment of software for use results in a shorter transition/implementation period.

systemy IT dla przemyslu

Sharing know-how and experience in process optimization

We have completed numerous implementations in the largest industrial plants in Poland and Europe. (See Case Studies: ABB, Dayco, Tenneco). Our successful work, positive customer feedback, and extensive experience guarantee that cooperation with us will help you achieve your goals in terms of cost reduction, process improvement, workflow organization, more efficient use of existing resources, and ultimately better financial results. We will advise you on how to configure the system based on our previous experiences and know-how. We will share our knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of completed projects in Poland and abroad. Don't wait for the competition to outpace you, contact us. A free consultation is non-binding and will help clarify what solutions can effectively improve your company. Order a free consultation. We will call you to present a plan on how to build your success together!

Systemy IT dla przemyslu

This will allow for time and cost savings resulting from the most efficient use of the system and the development of new processes in the company, which will lead to cost reduction or increased profit.

Innovative global companies have trusted us