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Increase productivity
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Dayco, a market leader in the production of engine components and drive systems, has achieved a significant position in the global automotive market. With factories in different parts of the world, the company is constantly looking for opportunities to optimize processes and increase productivity. At its Tychy branch, the company has faced challenges related to machine efficiency, warehouse management, downtime and production efficiency.

To address these challenges, Dayco has decided to implement two key technologies: a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and the Andon 4.0 Notification System. These state-of-the-art tools are designed to monitor and improve production efficiency, manage resources, reduce downtime and increase the speed of order fulfillment.



Machine monitoring

Dayco’s deeper understanding of its manufacturing processes began with machine metering. The implementation of a CMMS and Andon 4.0 allowed the company to monitor machine performance in an automated manner, enabling it to identify problems and thus areas for improvement.

The CMMS allowed the company to track key performance indicators (KPIs) for each machine. These indicators included, among other things, individual machine performance, failure frequency, downtime, as well as other relevant data. Real-time monitoring of these KPIs made it possible to quickly identify problems that could affect production efficiency and, in turn, the company’s bottom line.

Machine metering allowed Dayco to make precise changes to its production processes. From analyzing the data flowing from the CMMS, the company was able to learn which machines required more frequent servicing, which were the most reliable and which were the least efficient. This information was used to optimize maintenance schedules, select machines for specific tasks, and plan investments in new machines.

In addition, the Andon 4.0 system, with its real-time notification function, allowed immediate response to machine problems. When a machine malfunctioned, the system sent notifications to the appropriate people so that they could respond and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. This not only reduced downtime, but also minimized the risk of more serious damage.

The systems also became a key tool in managing the company’s resources. With data from the CMMS, Dayco was able to predict when a particular machine might need service or when a breakdown might occur. This made it possible to better plan purchases of spare parts and minimize the downtime associated with waiting for those parts to be delivered.

Machine metering allowed Dayco to effectively optimize its production processes. Through the use of modern technology, the company was able to better understand its processes, identify areas for improvement, and then implement optimization measures.

Warehouse settlements

Another key element of Dayco’s CMMS and Andon 4.0 implementation was the optimization of warehouse management. Inventory management was a significant challenge for the company, and proper warehouse accounting was critical to operational efficiency.

The CMMS allowed the company to automatically monitor inventory levels, which enabled a quick response to inventory shortages, increasing the efficiency of warehouse processes. The system also allowed the company to monitor the life cycle of spare parts, from ordering to receipt and consumption.

This data allowed Dayco to understand which parts are replaced most frequently. It has also optimized purchasing processes. Business is now conducted in such a way that the necessary spare parts are always available without unnecessarily holding excess inventory.

The Andon 4.0 system, integrated with the CMMS, allowed inventory management issues to be quickly identified and resolved. When a problem was detected, such as a shortage of key spare parts, the Andon 4.0 system sent a notification to the appropriate people, allowing the problem to be resolved quickly.

In addition, Dayco increased the efficiency of its warehouse processes by using an innovative forklift management system – FORKFLEET. Operators were able to “summon” a forklift via a dedicated app, to the place and time it was needed. This enabled faster and more efficient movement of products and raw materials within the warehouse, which contributed to an overall increase in productivity.

The implementation of CMMS and Andon 4.0 has enabled Dayco not only to better control its inventory, but also to improve its warehouse processes. Understanding and optimizing these processes are key to improving the company’s operational efficiency, which has resulted in improved financial performance.

Increase in Productivity

The implementation of CMMS and Andon 4.0 has brought Dayco significant productivity gains. The systems have allowed the company to monitor production and warehouse processes in an automated manner, which in turn has made it possible to identify and eliminate points that were affecting productivity losses.

Metering machines with the CMMS provides the company with real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs). Analyzing this data allowed the company to identify problems, such as machine downtime or insufficient productivity, allowing it to react quickly and implement corrective actions.

In addition, Andon 4.0, with its real-time notification feature, allows for immediate reporting and resolution of problems. When there was a problem with a machine, the relevant personnel were notified immediately, enabling a quick response and minimizing downtime.

Also, warehouse management was improved with the implementation of CMMS and Andon 4.0. Automatic inventory monitoring allowed for real-time control of spare parts availability, resulting in faster response times to potential shortages. In addition, quick access to inventory information has enabled efficient inventory management, which in turn has helped reduce warehousing costs.

The use of an innovative forklift management system helped increase productivity. With this system, operators were able to “recall” a forklift to where it was needed most. This reduced the downtime associated with searching for an available forklift, thereby increasing productivity.

Dayco’s approach to increasing productivity was based on continuous process monitoring and optimization. CMMS and Andon 4.0 systems enabled the company to continuously improve its processes by identifying and eliminating areas that were affecting productivity losses. Through this approach, Dayco was able to significantly increase its productivity, which had a direct impact on the company’s financial performance.

Reducing Downtime

One of Dayco’s key goals when implementing the CMMS and Andon 4.0 was to reduce downtime. Downtime, or periods when machines are not used for production, can negatively impact a company’s productivity and profitability. Dayco was aware that minimizing these times could bring significant benefits.

The CMMS enabled the company to monitor machine performance on an ongoing basis. Any machine problems that could lead to downtime were immediately identified by analyzing data from the system. This allowed the company to quickly resolve problems and minimize downtime.

In addition, the Andon 4.0 system, with its real-time notification function, allowed for a quick response to problems. In the event of a machine malfunction, the relevant personnel were notified immediately, allowing quick intervention and minimizing downtime.

Another element that contributed to reducing downtime was an innovative forklift management system. With this system, operators were able to “recall” a forklift to where it was needed most, eliminating the downtime associated with searching for an available forklift.

The implementation of CMMS and Andon 4.0 allowed Dayco to effectively reduce downtime. The use of these systems allowed Dayco to quickly identify and resolve problems that could lead to downtime, which contributed to increased production efficiency and improved the company’s financial performance. As a result, Dayco was able to significantly reduce downtime, which had a direct impact on increasing the company’s productivity.

“Uber” for Forklifts

Dayco uses an innovative forklift management solution that resembles the operation of popular ride ordering apps. Under this system, operators can “summon” a forklift via a dedicated app to the location where it is currently needed.

The principle of the system is simple but effective. The application, integrated with CMMS and Andon 4.0, monitored the location of all forklifts in real time. Operators, needing a forklift, could “summon” it directly to their position with a few clicks on the app.

The system was designed to optimize forklift utilization, eliminating the need to search for a vacant forklift and reducing downtime for operators. In addition, through analytics, the system allowed the monitoring of forklift performance, identifying possible areas for improvement, such as forklift routes and maintenance schedules.

Thus, the innovative forklift management system allowed Dayco to make even better use of its resources, contributing to an overall increase in production efficiency.

Measuring Response and Turnaround Times of All Orders

The importance of accurately measuring response and turnaround times in the world of industrial manufacturing is undeniable. Increased productivity, reduced downtime, improved product quality – all of this can be achieved by accurately monitoring and optimizing these two key aspects of operations. Dayco, with the implementation of CMMS and Andon 4.0, has opted for this strategy, with significant benefits.

The CMMS, or maintenance management system, is a tool that allows automatic monitoring and analysis of response and turnaround times. At Dayco, the system was used to track all aspects of production operations, from trouble calls to spare parts orders to final forklift transport orders.

With the CMMS, every activity was monitored, and the data collected allowed analysis of how long it takes from the time a problem is reported to its resolution. This analysis helped understand where delays were occurring and what actions could be taken to eliminate them.

On the other hand, the Andon 4.0 system, with its real-time notification function, allowed for immediate response to problems. If, for example, a machine malfunctioned, the relevant personnel were notified immediately, enabling quick intervention and reducing response times.

The two systems worked in synergy to provide Dayco with the ability to accurately monitor and optimize response and turnaround times. This resulted in significantly reduced response times to problems, faster resolution of failures, and more efficient planning and execution of orders.

In addition, by understanding what factors affect response and turnaround times, Dayco has been able to implement a continuous improvement process, identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes that have contributed to increased efficiency.

In summary, the implementation of CMMS and Andon 4.0 allowed Dayco to accurately measure response and turnaround times for all orders. This strategy was key to improving the company’s operational efficiency. Analysis of the data collected made it possible to identify areas that needed improvement, and then take action to optimize these processes. This, in turn, contributed to shorter response times, faster order processing and improved overall efficiency.

As a result, Dayco was able to increase its operational efficiency, which had a direct impact on improving the company’s financial performance.



Systemy IT dla produkcji

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Systemy IT dla produkcji


Work organization
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In summary, the implementation of a CMMS and Andon 4.0 notification system has brought Dayco a range of benefits, from increased production efficiency to improved inventory management to reduced downtime and response times.

Dayco’s example shows how technology can support manufacturing in the era of Industry 4.0, offering specific tools to monitor and improve operational efficiency. At a time when competition is fierce and optimization of production processes is key, solutions such as CMMS and Andon 4.0 can provide a significant competitive advantage.


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