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Energy Consumption Monitoring



Would you like to have full control over your energy consumption? Have you ever wondered how much energy your machines and devices exactly consume? With our innovative energy consumption monitoring system, you can now easily and conveniently track your power usage, simultaneously increasing savings and caring for the environment.

The benefits of having remote power meters are invaluable. With them, you can observe how much energy your business consumes and identify potential sources of anomalies or losses. Learn which machines and devices are the most energy-intensive so you can take appropriate steps to reduce consumption and lower electricity bills.

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Energy Consumption Monitoring


Electricity usage information

Our system provides accurate and up-to-date information regarding power consumption and machine operating time. With this, you will be able to monitor, control, and optimize the energy used by your machines and devices.

Data Analysis

The system allows for a full analysis of the collected energy consumption data. This will enable you to identify consumption patterns, detect issues, and take appropriate actions to save energy.

Filtering, Charts, Data export

Xsaverio enables filtering data according to specific criteria, generating clear charts, and exporting data to other formats. This will allow you to easily analyze data, present it in a comprehensible manner, and share it with other stakeholders.


The system has a notification functionality that automatically informs you about exceeding the set limit. This will allow you to respond to any irregularities and take immediate action to minimize losses and save energy.

Monitor everything you want!

Energy Consumption Monitoring



Our system can monitor not only electricity but also other parameters and media. Importantly, everything is integrated and accessible from one dashboard.

Utilize available features

Energy Consumption Monitoring


Energy saving

Monitoring electricity consumption by machines and devices allows for the identification of those that consume the most energy and may potentially be more efficient. Based on this information, changes in usage patterns or upgrades can be implemented, leading to energy savings and reduced operational costs.

Reduction of utility bills

A gas, water, and electricity consumption monitoring system allows for precise determination of how much of each resource has been used within a given timeframe. This enables more accurate billing and helps avoid unnecessary overpayment.

Identification of problems and failures

Monitoring humidity, temperature, and vibrations in a specific environment or device allows for quickly identifying potential issues or malfunctions. This provides the opportunity to prevent serious damages or losses.

Improving production efficiency

Thanks to the power consumption monitoring system for machines and devices, it is possible to observe how long each of them operates and whether they are being used efficiently. This enables the implementation of optimizations and improvements, leading to increased production efficiency.

Monitoring and reporting

A monitoring system for tracking the consumption of various media enables the collection of data and generation of reports, which can be used for analysis, planning, and decision-making. This provides better control over usage and allows for appropriate actions to be taken.

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Energy Consumption Monitoring



Here are 10 examples of applications

We encourage you to schedule a free consultation to discuss personalized uses for your organization.

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Energy Consumption Monitoring


Lower costs

Cost reduction in energy and utilities after implementing the system and optimization can reach up to 30-40%!


You don't have to change the infrastructure to start saving. Data analysis is enough to identify savings.

Source of knowledge

Nothing can replace accurate data provided by the system. Thanks to them, you will be able to make proper optimization decisions.


Use the system to create reliable and trustworthy reports required by law and stakeholders.

Learn how others are using it

Energy Consumption Monitoring


Owners and managers

Thanks to the information from the system, they make better decisions, which affects regular reduction of media consumption costs.

Lean specialists

Based on the conducted analysis, effective initiatives are being implemented to improve the current processes.

Production managers

They receive detailed information on when and where losses related to media occur in the production process.

ISO auditors

They receive fast access to real-time data and clear reports that accelerate performing duties.

Chief financial officers

They identify the places where costs occur. They can plan energy consumption more rationally, efficiently, and accurately.

HR specialists

They receive a solid foundation to carry out actions aimed at changing habits. They involve employees in the process of waste reduction.

What does the system monitor?


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Energy Consumption Monitoring



The quality of our system is a priority for us. That's why we offer a quality guarantee for all of our products. If a customer encounters any issues with our system, we commit to repairing or replacing the product under the specified warranty conditions. Such cooperation will be a pleasure for you.


Our experienced specialists are ready to help with any technical issues. By offering a subscription-based system, we have direct contact with the customer and are able to provide fast technical assistance. We can provide support remotely as well as in person to ensure quick and effective help.

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Don’t waste time on ineffective solutions! Take advantage of our free consultation and see how our software can boost your company’s efficiency. Give us a chance to prove that innovative solutions are the key to success in your industry. Reserve your free consultation now and accelerate your business growth!


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We offer a free consultation as the first step of collaboration, allowing you to familiarize yourself with our approach and verify our advisory competencies. This way, even before making a decision, you’ll feel that your situation and problem have been well understood, and the proposed solution will be optimally tailored to your company’s situation.

Our services (support) are included in a subscription, which does not generate hidden costs. The subscription-based billing allows for a significant reduction in the entry threshold into the system and enables immediate testing.

We are communicationally independent – we can develop our system without depending on the client’s IT department. We do not generate additional work for the client’s IT department. This way, we lower the implementation risk and associated costs. The possibility of quicker implementation of the solution results in faster return on investment.

Login to our applications is secured at a high level, characteristic of banking solutions. At the same time, the login process is intuitive. Your data is as secure as in a bank thanks to our system.

We offer multilingualism in our solutions through real-time translation—each employee operates applications in their native language. This enhances efficiency and reduces costs by expanding the potential labor market and eliminating the need to hire translators.

Our software features an interface optimized for quick, easy, and intuitive use, even by digitally excluded or poorly skilled employees. This means real-time savings in both time and training costs for your workforce in using the new software. The ability for rapid deployment of software for use results in a shorter transition/implementation period.

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