FORKFLEET – One click to optimization

The forkfleet system provides advanced reporting tools to make more informed management decisions.

Have you thought about how communication and logistics service calls are implemented in your organization?
Is it effective? Is it metered? Does it do its job?

  • communication with forklifts
  • appropriate task allocation
  • queuing, measuring work
  • Telephones
  • Walkie talkie
  • Verbal messages

The FORKFLEET paging system allows for efficient, quick and, above all, effective logistics calls.


To maintain its position as one of the leaders in the automotive industry, TENNECO must provide an optimized work environment in which people, equipment and technology work together seamlessly. Employees rely on properly managed and maintained equipment to achieve their production goals, so efficient resource management is a top priority for the company. Previously, TENNECO used various point solutions.

The result was inefficient and inconsistent processes that made it difficult for teams to ensure that resources were used and maintained in the most cost-effective, compliant and productive way.

TENNECO wanted to adopt a more simplified and integrated approach to production management, maintenance and intralogistics. This would ensure better visibility and control of resources and would enable TENNECO to maintain very high standards in the functioning of the production process.

What can we do?

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Key features:

  • Mobility and ease of installation:

    We operate the system from a tablet that we install on a forklift or any other equipment – just provide power and you’re done. The tablet is protected by a suitable industrial-grade case.

  • Messages tailored to your needs:

    We configure the entire notification tree as you need and it is possible to change it at any time.

  • Safety:

    Connectivity is via GSM only (the system does not use company networks), making it independent and precise.

  • Expandability:

    Full compatibility with other components of SIGNALO MES system

  • Low implementation costs:

    We offer “tailor-made” solutions All features are matched to the needs of the customer and the specifics of the company. That way you get what you need and pay what you need, not more.

  • Easy installation, convenient use

    A simple and clear subscription that you can terminate at any time.

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