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Forklift management



Forkfleet is a tool for forklift control that provides advanced reporting, enabling more informed management decisions.

Have you ever wondered how communication and logistics services summons are carried out in your organization? Is it effective? Is it monitored? Does it fulfill its purpose?

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Communication with forklifts Appropriate task allocation queuing,
Measuring work


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The FORKFLEET paging system allows for efficient, quick and, above all, effective logistics calls.

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Forklift management


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Forklift management




We support the system from a tablet that we install on a forklift or any other equipment - just provide power and it's ready to go. The tablet is protected by an industrial-grade enclosure.


The entire notification tree is configured according to your needs, and changes can be made at any time.


The convenience of use is influenced by a clear interface and easy operation. Installing a tablet is a quick, simple, and stable assembly.


The system has advanced security mechanisms that protect your data from unauthorized access and interception. By using the system, you can be sure that your information is secure and confidential.

Potential for expansion

Communication is carried out exclusively via GSM (the system doesn't use factory networks), making it independent and precise.

Low costs

We offer tailor-made solutions. All functions are customized to the client's needs and the specifics of the company. Thanks to this, you will get what you need and pay only what is necessary, no more. We propose a subscription system that you can cancel at any time.

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Forklift management


Time saving

Thanks to the system, tasks related to forklift handling are efficiently distributed and planned, allowing to save valuable time. Employees don't have to waste time searching for and organizing tasks, as the software indicates the tasks for them to undertake.

Better data analysis

The system collects data related to operations, such as task completion time, amount of goods moved, or individual employee performance. Leaders have access to detailed data analysis, which allows them to make fact-based decisions and optimize processes.

Cost reduction

Effective task allocation minimizes the time and costs associated with unnecessary machine movements. Better data analysis allows for the identification of potential areas for savings and optimization of operations, which contributes to reducing operational costs.

Increasing performance

The system allows for the optimization of logistical operations by automatically assigning tasks to forklifts. As a result, employees are able to perform their duties more efficiently, which significantly contributes to increasing overall operational efficiency.

Improvement of task management

The system enables the centralization and automation of managing tasks related to forklift servicing. Leaders have full control over assigning, monitoring, and tracking the progress of employees, allowing them to better manage tasks.


Our forklift system is flexible and easy to customize to changing business needs and requirements. As a result, it can be easily expanded and scaled up with the growth of operations, providing continuous support for logistics operations.

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Forklift management



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