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automatic tool cabinet

How does it work?

Thanks to the permanently mounted tablet, authorized individuals have quick and easy access to the wardrobe. On the tablet, we choose tools from the list and add them to our account.

After extracting tools from the closet, the system charges the user’s account with the downloaded equipment. Everything is visible and transparent to the authorized supervisor after logging into the web service on any device.

The system provides up-to-date information on how many and what tools have been downloaded, who downloaded them, and when.

The supervisor has the ability to set access to specific tools for specific people in the team. This means that access to tools can, for example, be restricted for a selected group of individuals.



Increased efficiency and productivity

An automatic cabinet enables quick and easy access to tools, reducing the time employees need to search for them. This increases overall work efficiency in production.

Access control and increased security

The ability to set access restrictions to specific tools for selected employees ensures that only authorized individuals can obtain them. This increases security and helps maintain order in the workplace.

Exact statistics and usage tracking

The system collects data on who and when downloaded the tool, allowing for precise tracking of tool usage. This information can be used for analyzing work efficiency, planning training needs, and optimizing inventory levels.

Maintenance support

The system can help in planning maintenance and service of tools, ensuring that they are always in good technical condition, which is crucial for the continuity of production processes.

Real-time inventory management

The measurement system enables accurate monitoring of tool supplies, which helps prevent shortages and production downtime. The company can track inventory levels in real-time and place orders in advance.

Alarms and notifications

The alarm system can notify leaders about any unauthorized attempts to access or other irregularities, providing an additional layer of security and control.

Cost optimization

Thanks to precise inventory control and tool usage, the company can significantly reduce waste and unnecessary expenses on tools, which results in better cost control.


How much does it cost?

Investment in a tool cabinet typically amounts to 7,500 USD. The price includes the design, construction of the cabinet with a tablet, and the delivery of a web service with selected analysis and data.

Invest in a professional, convenient tool that is a source of order, savings, and resource control.

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We strive to make our solutions fully intuitive. Easy operation guarantees comfort in using the systems. However, if needed, we provide appropriate training for employees. During our cooperation, you can count on regular communication and availability to solve any problems that may arise. Our dedicated team is at your disposal. Upon request, we can also code new functionalities or add additional modules.


Each of the solutions provided by us has a wide range of configurations, making it closely tailored to the Client's specific needs. Upon request, we can also make changes to existing software, encode additional functionalities, or integrate the solution with another one.


We propose competitive prices in exchange for the services provided. The most important thing for us is for the costs to be justified and proportional to the benefits that will be achieved through implementation. We prioritize ensuring that the client obtains quick results in the form of cost reduction, with the difference between the investment in service subscription and the amount of savings being as large as possible.


Very rarely, but we sometimes advise against implementing our solutions after a free audit, if we believe they will not bring the expected benefits. As a result, you can be sure that you will avoid implementing ineffective solutions that could negatively impact other processes and operations of your company. This selectiveness in implementing solutions helps us maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

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