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The solution has 4 unique paths that will definitely improve your organization. Which one you choose to implement is up to you.

Discover an incredibly innovative solution that brings the potential for positive changes in many areas of your operations.

communication channels


Employees submit their suggestions regarding process improvements in the organization. Provide access to a tool that allows you to effectively identify and implement innovative solutions together. Promote employee participation and engagement, which leads to more effective organizational performance.

Occupational Health and Safety Reports

Employees report dangerous situations, such as equipment damage or threats to health and safety. Ensure better control over health and safety aspects and respond quickly to potential hazards. Prevent the occurrence of dangerous and costly accidents.


The possibility of fully anonymous reporting of information regarding potential abuses, corruption, or unethical behavior within the organization.

Ensure a secure communication for employees who fear negative consequences for making such reports.

Act quickly and effectively in response to irregularities, thereby protecting your company's reputation.


Submitting proposals related to environmental protection, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development. Supporting your organization in achieving goals related to sustainable development. Make a positive impact on society and the natural environment. Collect suggestions in the ESG area. Take corrective actions if necessary. Collect reliable data for ESG reports.

It is up to you during the system implementation in your organization to decide which paths you want to make available to employees. (You can make all four paths available, or only select ones).
You can also decide which groups of employees will have access to the system and which ones will not.
The system is configurable and will be fully customized to meet your individual needs.


Our software was created with the aim of helping your organization achieve higher standards and efficiency. It affects employee engagement, improves working conditions, protects the organization from risks, and promotes actions related to sustainable development.
Ultimately, this contributes to increasing the value of your organization and building a strong brand. Don’t hesitate, use our software today and gain a competitive advantage in the market!


The software has been created to facilitate the process of collecting information and suggestions from employees in various areas of business activity. With four communication channels, we have the ability to gather suggestions, safety and health reports, anonymous information for whistleblowers, and improvement requests in the ESG area.


Digital Kaizen

We can gather employees' suggestions regarding improvements that can enhance work efficiency and contribute to the company's growth. The software enables easy submission of these suggestions and their monitoring by the appropriate individuals.

Health and Safety Reports

Employees have the opportunity to quickly and conveniently report hazardous situations, such as a severed cable or any other threat to health and safety. As a result, we respond promptly to dangerous situations and take appropriate actions to prevent accidents.


TOOL FOR Whistleblowers


The application allows for anonymous reporting of information regarding potential irregularities, abuses, or other types of problems within the company. As a result, employees feel more freedom and security in sharing such information, while managers have the ability to quickly respond to these signals and take appropriate corrective actions.


Applications regarding improvements in the area of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). This is an important area that is subject to mandatory reporting in many companies. Thanks to the application, you can conveniently collect and implement ideas for improvements in this area.


Easy to use


The software is user-friendly and intuitive for users. As a result, every employee can easily navigate through the communication paths. There is also the possibility of customization, allowing you to adjust the software to the specific needs and requirements of your company.

Areas of application

in employee engagement

Thanks to the possibility of collecting suggestions from employees for improvements, a company can engage its employees in the decision-making process and developing initiatives. Satisfied employees are more productive and willing to share their ideas for further innovations. This has a positive impact on the development of the entire company.

Increased work safety

Thanks to the reporting of dangerous situations by employees, a company can quickly respond to potential threats and take appropriate steps to minimize risk. Early detection and elimination of potential hazards contribute to accident prevention. Additionally, the ability to anonymously report information to a whistleblower provides employees with a sense of security and encourages them to share important information.

Improvement of internal communication

Access to channels enabling reporting of occupational health and safety, anonymous information for whistleblowers, and improvements in the area of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) helps improve internal communication within the company. Employees have the opportunity to quickly respond to reports. Better internal communication leads to greater transparency and efficiency in organizational actions.

in operational efficiency

The software enables the submission of suggestions for improvements in the area of ESG (environmental, social, governance), allowing the company to enhance the quality of its activities related to sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance. Enhancing these areas contributes to greater operational efficiency of the enterprise and increases its market value.

The use of software allows for increased employee engagement, improved internal communication, enhanced workplace safety, and increased operational efficiency. These benefits contribute to better company performance, increased competitiveness in the market, and improved organizational reputation.


How does it work?

  • Authorized employees are granted access to use the application through a QR code (placed, for example, on the back of their ID cards).
  • The employee scans the QR code using their phone, which opens the application.
  • After scanning the code, a form immediately appears where suggestions can be entered.
  • In the form, the employee can choose the submission path (e.g., health and safety), select the type of submission, take a photo, and write a comment.
  • After completing the form, the suggestion is saved and instantly sent to the relevant individuals who have access to view submissions.
  • Leaders have the ability to view submissions, filter them according to their preferences, and provide feedback on the progress of reviewing suggestions.
  • For improvement submissions, there is an option to publish them for other users, so that each person can notice if they have the same problem or increase the importance of the submission.
  • The system allows for gamification, where submissions are scored based on specific criteria, and rewards are given to participants.

Price list


$ 2 User/Monthly
  • Submitting suggestions
  • Adding photos
  • Voting
  • Collecting suggestions


$ 4 User/Monthly
  • Submitting suggestions
  • Adding photos
  • Voting
  • Collecting suggestions
  • Filtering
  • Analysis of suggestions


$ X* User/Monthly
  • Submitting suggestions
  • Adding photos
  • Voting
  • Collecting suggestions
  • Filtering
  • Analysis of suggestions
  • Gamification
  • Reports
  • Individual pricing

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