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Maintenance encompasses activities and processes aimed at ensuring maximum efficiency of machinery and equipment. This efficiency entails the optimal utilization of available machine time to produce products of appropriate quality. This concept also involves managing the level of risk in production. The scope of the issue also includes the safety of workers and the environment.

What is the goal of maintenance?

Maintenance services ensure the intended lifespan of machinery and equipment and, if necessary, restore them to full functionality. Such actions include efficient management of spare parts inventory, as well as ensuring optimal stock levels. The scope of activities also involves managing the elimination of machinery and equipment failures. The result of achieving maintenance goals is the optimization of production costs. This is influenced by preventing machine downtime, quick response to failures, optimizing labor inputs, reducing energy and raw material consumption. Often, actions taken by maintenance services also ensure an increase in the level of safety.

What are the duties of a maintenance specialist?

The sphere of activities of specialists in this field mainly involves tasks aimed at ensuring the continuity of production processes. This is influenced by maintaining the full technical efficiency of machinery and equipment operating in the technological process. Among the specific activities, the following can be mentioned:
  • Designing and implementing technical safety systems.
  • Developing and archiving technical documentation related to machinery and production processes.
  • Ensuring the supply of accessories related to maintenance (e.g., consumables, parts).
  • Maintenance and repair of production machinery.
  • Conducting ongoing warranty and technical inspections.
  • Enriching the equipment inventory with new machinery aimed at improving production processes.
Due to the broad range of competencies required, a maintenance specialist is typically obligated to:
  • Possess knowledge of the market of suppliers of components and assemblies, including availability of offers and guaranteed delivery times.
  • Understand suppliers’ competencies in solving specific problems.
  • Anticipate events related to the modernization of existing solutions based on current needs (investments in machinery, such as purchasing more efficient compressors).
  • Participate in training to enhance qualifications.
  The importance of effectively carrying out the duties of a maintenance specialist can be evidenced by the fact that, depending on the nature of production and the scale of the enterprise, downtime costs range from several to tens of thousands of dollars.

Costs associated with maintenance

  • The simplest materials used to ensure the operation and proper maintenance of machinery include lubricants, solvents, oils, and cleaning materials.
  • More expensive elements include spare parts, assemblies, and components.
  • An essential factor influencing the level of costs is the consumption of utilities. Depending on the nature of production, there will be charges related to the consumption of thermal energy, electricity, liquid fuels, and gases. Energy is consumed, among other things, to maintain the appropriate temperature and lighting.
  • The level of costs is also influenced by the salaries of production workers, cleaning services, maintenance personnel, security personnel, and management staff.
  • Effective cost optimization

To effectively optimize costs, it’s worthwhile to base your actions on planning and negotiating a budget. Success in this regard depends on gathering the right data. It’s also advisable to categorize costs.

The Importance of Credibility and Transparency in Budgeting and Expenditure Analysis
In determining and negotiating the budget, credibility and transparency are indispensable. The basic activity involves creating a database related to expenditures. A report containing an analysis of, among other things, the consumption of spare parts, consumables, tools, and the amount of time necessary to complete tasks is essential for presenting information in a reliable and logical manner.
Strategic Investments for Development and Improved Financial Outcomes
Consider investments supporting development, such as training, events, and industry exhibitions. Plan these in the budget. A more informed team can significantly streamline processes and contribute to better financial outcomes for the company. The most effective in budget negotiations are results related to the efficiency and effectiveness of the maintenance department. It’s worth quantifying them, as numbers usually speak most strongly to the imagination of decision-makers. They also create an impression of professionalism and control over the situation. Presenting indicators and gathered data cannot be overlooked in this situation.

IT tools supporting maintenance work

The introduction of Industry 4.0 into the production area has brought tools that make work in the maintenance department more comfortable and efficient. Information systems can almost entirely automatically collect and store essential data to support accurate decision-making processes.
A professional tool in this case is a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), from which technical and maintenance departments derive the greatest benefits. Such a system can, among other things, automatically send notifications of machine breakdowns, activate services responsible for resolving breakdowns, archive reports, communicate the need for inspections, maintain a database of equipment along with necessary order data, and generate reports on incidents and failures. It also enables many other essential functions for the daily work of the maintenance department.
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