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ANDON system

The Andon system is primarily used to streamline the production process. It enables automatic detection of production irregularities and immediate, simple communication of failures in production by an employee with the push of a button. Thanks to the system, monitoring of malfunctions in production is carried out immediately, as it is signaled (display on the screen, beep) instantly on the devices of the relevant crew members. The mobile ANDON system improves response to the problem. If there is no response, the system can direct the notification to the next person. MOBILE ANDON SYSTEM FOR TABLETS Improves communication between production and supervisory and support services.

Production improvements

ANDON system for tablets with dedicated software is a complex
solution consisting of:

  • A system for reporting machine breakdowns and irregularities in production

    When a problem is encountered, a human or the system triggers the transmission of information to the appropriate services. By doing so, it is possible to effectively control production.

  • Production notification system (production communication system)

    The ANDON system for tablets provides opportunities for as many as 3 types of notifications (sms, email, app). Notifications are addressed directly to those responsible for a particular stage of the process.

  • Forklift paging system (forklift location)

    ANDON for tablets also works as a paging system for forklifts. It allows you to specify your request by indicating, for example, a machine breakdown, lack of oil or a problem with the rollers. Forklift localization is a function that will ensure efficient and optimal operation. An anti-collision system for forklifts will make their movement safer.

  • Dedicated software and devices

    We offer company-specific prepared software along with a tablet with a specially reinforced IP68 casing. Along with the system, we provide high-quality, splash- and dust-resistant tablets from Samsung. We tailor the system each time to the specifics of the business and the needs of the company. We guarantee personalized solutions for various industries.

  • ANDON system in any language

    Do you employ foreigners? It’s not a problem. We provide the system in the appropriate language. You can, for example, use the Andon system in Ukrainian.

  • We provide production reports

    The system collects and reports detailed data from the production process, giving full quality control. Displays job instructions and measures employee work time. Advanced reporting of precise data is, among other things, the basis for making decisions that ensure cost reduction in a manufacturing company.

Cost reduction in a manufacturing company

The goal of the Andon system is to effectively optimize production costs. One of the elements influencing the realization of this goal is the introduction of effective and rapid communication on the line: production – support and control services.

Save up to 10,000 USD a month by implementing Signalo’s ANDON mobile system. With the Andon system, we have an impact on reducing production costs, which contributes to better financial results for the company.

Optimizing production costs, the Andon system from Signalo saves money by eliminating production downtime and controlling production. We create modern solutions for industry.

Streamline work between production stations

Improving communication between workstations and services, guarantees increased efficiency in the production process and constant remote access to data.

An efficient forklift system

Our flagship solution – the ANDON mobile system for tablets passes the test in companies from various industries operating throughout Poland and Europe. The technology is great for monitoring industrial processes. One of its applications is a paging system for forklifts.

Our engineers offer Signalo’s customers knowledge and years of experience, a personalized approach to each order, and ingenuity to help optimize production and reduce waste. Our services are used by manufacturing companies, logistics centers, warehouses, and each new implementation enriches us with invaluable experience, which we put at the disposal of entrepreneurs. Located in the center of Poland’s former industrial heartland, we have enjoyed
their trust for years. Check out the ANDON mobile system for tablets and see how it can optimize production and eliminate losses in your plant.

Implementation of our Andon system lived to see, among others, customers in Silesia, (Katowice, Zabrze, Siemianowice Śląskie, Bytom, Tarnowskie Góry, Gliwice), Greater Poland (Poznań), Trójmiasta (Gdańsk, Gdynia), Podkarpacie (Kraśnik…).

Andon system

Andon allows you to summon any individual or group of people. It can communicate any event instantly or trigger appropriate reactions, such as during malfunctions or other incidents that require action. It ensures efficient and clear communication between Leaders, Health and Safety, Quality Control, etc.

Andon system


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We offer a free consultation as the first step of collaboration, allowing you to familiarize yourself with our approach and verify our advisory competencies. This way, even before making a decision, you’ll feel that your situation and problem have been well understood, and the proposed solution will be optimally tailored to your company’s situation.

Our services (support) are included in a subscription, which does not generate hidden costs. The subscription-based billing allows for a significant reduction in the entry threshold into the system and enables immediate testing.

We are communicationally independent – we can develop our system without depending on the client’s IT department. We do not generate additional work for the client’s IT department. This way, we lower the implementation risk and associated costs. The possibility of quicker implementation of the solution results in faster return on investment.

Login to our applications is secured at a high level, characteristic of banking solutions. At the same time, the login process is intuitive. Your data is as secure as in a bank thanks to our system.

We offer multilingualism in our solutions through real-time translation—each employee operates applications in their native language. This enhances efficiency and reduces costs by expanding the potential labor market and eliminating the need to hire translators.

Our software features an interface optimized for quick, easy, and intuitive use, even by digitally excluded or poorly skilled employees. This means real-time savings in both time and training costs for your workforce in using the new software. The ability for rapid deployment of software for use results in a shorter transition/implementation period.

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