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Address: 40-711 Katowice, ul. Tadeusza Saloniego 11

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Foundation's mission

The mission of the Foundation is effective action for social and economic utility.

This action covers, in particular, such areas as health protection, economic and scientific development, education and
education, culture and art, social care and assistance, environmental protection.

Areas of activity related to the implementation of the mission


The Foundation carries out its mission by: through the education of children, youth and adults in the field of upbringing and development personal and social protection, environmental protection and health protection, protection of national cultural assets, regional tradition of local communities.

Vocational education, which is part of the foundation’s mission, includes acquiring and improving professional qualifications and professionalization of skills, improving social competences, in particular by conducting workshops, classes, training, creating jobs, organizing symposiums, conferences, and creating programs and publishing information materials.


The mission of the foundation is also related to activities aimed at activation and integration of people at risk of social exclusion, the disabled, economically marginalized, people from agricultural backgrounds and unemployed people, in particular women,

Activation is also fostered by rehabilitation and therapeutic, recreational, cultural, artistic and sports activities, including organizing trips, rehabilitation stays, sports camps, sports, recreational and cultural events, special events, classes and workshops, taking into account the sustainable development of rural areas, including in particular, preventing unemployment by promoting and supporting the development of ecotourism in environmentally valuable areas, supporting the development of local products based on the values of the environment and local tradition, developing activities for environmental protection.

Activation of the local community is carried out through activities aimed at implementing the assumptions of the social economy in
in particular through the promotion of tourism, recreation, agritourism, organic farming, regional products, small-scale manufacturing, artistic craftsmanship and the implementation of solutions promoting ecology and renewable energy sources.


1) Organization of trainings and workshops,
2) Supporting program and production projects in terms of finance and production,
3) Supporting initiatives in the area of all stages of audiovisual production,
4) Supporting and promoting creators,
5) Popularization of new ideas in the field of audiovisual production,
6) Promoting new phenomena in the field of audiovisual production,
7) Spreading knowledge related to the fields of audiovisual production,
8) Cooperation with authorities in the field of production and implementation of audiovisual forms,
9) Cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations, research centers, universities, institutions,
10) Organization of festivals, symposiums and conferences devoted to audiovisual arts,
11) Promotion and development of volunteering and creating conditions for its operation.

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