Increase work efficiency by improving its safety!

Efficiency and safety at work are the two most important aspects in every business. They are often thought of separately, but they are closely related. Signalo offers technical solutions that enable increasing the level of safety in a company, as well as:

  • Cost reduction by minimizing the number of accidents and utilizing reliable tools.
  • Time-saving by avoiding downtime and increasing workflow, leading to improved productivity.
  • Increase in profits through better workflow and increased productivity.

Signalo Safety

The main benefits

Improving visibility

Lights and warning lines for forklifts, as well as virtual warning signs for cranes, allow for increased visibility for operators and other workers. This allows for avoiding potential collisions and accidents.

Increasing efficiency

The loading/unloading security system helps to minimize the risk of goods or vehicles getting damaged during the handling of cargo. However, its main contribution is ensuring the safety of people and positively impacting efficiency.

Determining danger zones

Virtual horizontal lines are used to mark a safe working space. For example, forklift operators can easily identify whether they are in the proper area. This helps to avoid approaching dangerous edges or obstacles.

Warning of collision

The collision warning system can detect objects near vehicles and emit sounds or warning lights to prevent collisions. This is important, especially in places with limited visibility where it might be difficult to notice other objects.

Signalo safety

Meet the solutions

Warning lights and lines
for forklifts

LED or laser lights are installed on the vehicle, which emit clear lines on the sides and rear, indicating a safe zone. This allows pedestrians in close proximity to the vehicle to easily determine the minimum distance they should maintain. LED lights placed on the front and back of the vehicle at the top, connected to the gear system, display signs on the floor indicating the currently selected driving direction. This provides pedestrians with early warning of an approaching vehicle, giving them enough time to react.

Virtual warning signs
for overhead cranes

On the overhead crane, lights or a projector can be installed to display a clear point or area on the ground where the machine is currently located. This way, all nearby workers are alerted to an incoming load. At the same time, the working comfort of crane operators is improved as they have a precise view of the area that the device is moving through. This, in turn, enhances their precision. It is possible to limit the crane signaling to a single point. However, it is recommended to mark the entire area that currently poses a danger zone using light lines or virtual projection. Similarly to designating the working area of the overhead crane using light lines, it is also possible to display the safety zone around other machines permanently attached in one place.

Virtual horizontal lines

The assembly of both laser and LED lights is simple and can be done on various structures or indoors. The mounting bracket allows for precise adjustment of the lines displayed on the surface, allowing them to be customized to individual needs. Depending on preferences, it is possible to order a device that displays a line of a specific length, width, and in a chosen color - red, blue, green, or yellow. The length of the line can be adjusted by changing the height at which the device is suspended and the angle at which the light falls. Virtual lines have many different applications. In addition to marking communication routes, they can also be used for defining pathways, marking designated areas, unloading areas, or driveways for machinery and vehicles, etc.

Virtual horizontal signs

The projector is used to display signs that can be mounted under the ceiling or on any structure using a mounting bracket. It allows for precise positioning of symbols on the ground. The device is capable of displaying a multi-colored image with a pre-determined pattern or a custom design. It can be a simple symbol, a complex message, or larger markings such as pedestrian crossings or loading zones. The size of the displayed image can be adjusted according to needs by adjusting the projector's hanging height or using special lenses. Projectors used for marking the area where a crane is located can also be used to display static horizontal signs on the ground. It is a great alternative to painting and applying signs. These projectors are increasingly being used in offices and places where it is important for symbols, warnings, or information to be easily noticeable. People often don't pay attention to signs, but the situation changes when they are only displayed when approaching them.

Safety system during loading/unloading

The system consists of several devices that work together: a control panel, two pairs of traffic lights (one to be mounted outside and the other inside the platform), and an electronic wheel chock for the truck. Upon arrival of the truck driver at the loading platform, they are not allowed to start loading or unloading without securing the vehicle's wheels with a special wheel chock. Once the chock is placed under the wheel, the platform doors will automatically unlock. When the chock is under the truck's wheel, the outside platform traffic light will turn red as a warning against starting the vehicle. At the same time, the inside platform traffic light will turn green, informing the workers that it is safe to start loading or unloading. If the driver removes the chock from under the wheel too early, an audible alarm will be activated, and the inside platform signal light will turn red. This will inform the forklift operator that they need to immediately leave the trailer or that it is prohibited to enter, depending on their position.

Collision warning system

The system operates thanks to devices called transponders that communicate with each other, measuring the precise distance between them. When these devices approach each other, employees are informed about it through an alarm. Transponders allow for precise determination of the distances at which warning signals are to be activated. In the case of vehicles, a transponder measuring distances from pedestrians and other moving machines is mounted on the roof. Inside the driver's cabin, there is a device that emits audio and visual warnings. These warnings vary depending on the approaching object, such as a vehicle or pedestrian.

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