Immediate signalling of production problems

Mobile production control

We collect accurate data that allow us to optimise the entire production process effectively.

The Andon system allows you to report not only event response times and problem solution times but also employee-related data accurately.
The system automatically stores all information on the frequency of events, response times, downtime duration, and much more information in a cloud. Thanks to accurate data records and secure data storage, the business analysis of such data is possible.

Andon system for tablets
Mobile system Andon for tablets

Detailed production process reporting

The Andon system for tablets offers comprehensive knowledge about the production process and the work performed by your employees.

  • As it is possible for the system to connect to machine drivers, it may count productions – in particular key TMP system performance indicators (OEE, MTBF, MTTR, and MTTF) and use them to generate advanced reports with graphs. These indicators have to be measured, observed in terms of their tendencies, and considered when drawing conclusions in order to minimise failure times and, thus, improve the production process.
  • System data are stored in a cloud. They are secure there.
  • It is possible to generate reports with graphs as well as summary reports such as daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

Total control over production

The system also allows you to generate accurate reports that are necessary to make the right business decisions.

We will streamline production effectively by delivering accurate data to appropriate services. Immediately

Mobile solution

The Andon system for tablets offers more possibilities of reporting problems and reacting to them.

GSM networks

Communication only via GSM (the system does not use plant networks).

Remote access at all times

If there is a software failure, we provide remote access to the system and repairs to it without the necessity to send back the entire system.

100% adaptation

We offer tailored solutions. All system functions are tailored to meet the needs of the customer and specific conditions of the company.

Easy assembly and convenient use

We provide components that you can easily assemble yourself and full assistance with the process of equipment and software installation.

Effective minimisation of process delays

Quick notifications enable a significant reduction of downtime in the production process.